Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Me time.

I am definitely one of those mom's who needs me time. Usually its in the evenings after we put the kids to bed, so usually after 8. Last night little Miss Vienne decided she did not want to sleep and that she needed to stay up with mom and watch The Bachelor. No matter what we did, she would wake herself up and decide she wasn't tired. At 11 she finally decided she could fall asleep. I was stressed, flustered and exhausted. My morning started off terribly. I woke up still feeling stressed and tired. Both kids were snotty and coughing. I've been trying to go to the gym everyday at 10am. Work pays the membership and the gym provides childcare. I love the ladies that work their and my kids love playing with different toys for an hour. It also gives me another chance to get rejuvenated. After about 20 minutes of cleaning their faces, I realize I can't take them to child care with snotty noses. I was mad. So this post is a thank you to my mom. Thank you for coming over even though your morning was not going so well either so that I could leave my kids home, go to my pilates class, and come home relaxed, happy, and a much better mom.


Kevin and Eliza said...

Mom's are the best!

Clark perrins said...

hi Melissa your good your bigger we love it